Une fournée: 4Kg (9lbs) for 8 loafs

I tried to bake at the same time 4kg of bread, split into 8 loafs of 500g, 4 breads per rack, it was packed in there! I set the oven at 500F, the top rack definitely got more steam that the bottom one. As a result, and I am not sure why, the breads on… Continue reading Une fournée: 4Kg (9lbs) for 8 loafs

Rum Raisin Brioche

On a weekend morning, brioche makes breakfast such a delightful moment. The first slice is reveals the great flavors of rum and lemon. Three slices later, you’ll start realizing how it will be difficult to stop, in particular because of the raisins that surprise you from bites to bites. 666g flour 66g sugar 400g liquid… Continue reading Rum Raisin Brioche


This traditional choux is found mos often on French wedding cakes, they are delicious. Puffs, stuffed with cream and covered with a crystallized caramel. Every bite is a three momenta experience of crunchiness, creamy savory and tastiness. Don’t forget to add some good quality brown rum to the cream.  


Flavorful, light, crusty outside, soft inside, colorful, delicious, that’s a baguette! 600g flour 400g water 12g salt 1/4tsp yeast Mix the flour with the yeast in a large bowl. Warm up the water to a temperature between room temperature and body temperature. Add the water to flour and mix with a large spoon. Mix the… Continue reading Baguette