Happy New Year!

I tried a variation on the rum raisin brioche recipe I published previously. I changed the egg/milk  ratio to have more egg and less milk; shying away from pain au lait and leaning towards real brioche. Notice the amount of liquid (milk or egg) is the same. Next time, I’ll try to go even more… Continue reading Happy New Year!

… And Multigrain Bread for All

The secret to making good bread is practice, practice and practice again. This being said, a simple trick to improve the taste of your bread no matter how much practice you have, is to make the bread multigrain. It’s going to make the bread so much flavorful. Here is a simple multigrain bread recipe that… Continue reading … And Multigrain Bread for All


What is the best quick breakfast ever… Cafe Croissant! For 16 medium size croissants 500g flour 50g sugar 4g active dry yeast 150g cold water 150g cold milk 150g butter In a large bowl, mix together the flour, the sugar and the yeast. Add the water and milk. Mix the ingredients with a large spoon… Continue reading Croissants