Whole Wheat Baguette

It is possible now to buy freshly ground and milled flour. The flour is produced less than a week before you receive it. We decided to try this extremely fresh whole wheat flour from http://carolinaground.com. There is no comparison between this flour and regular whole wheat flour available in supermarkets. The flour from Carolinaground is… Continue reading Whole Wheat Baguette

Baguettes with very slow fermentation

I knead a batch of bread and let it rise over night. Unfortunately, when I woke up at 6 to prepare my baguettes, the dough had almost not risen! I always assumed that it was important that the dough double in volume before shaping the baguettes… I was wrong, and it defies all the bread… Continue reading Baguettes with very slow fermentation

Multigrain Sourdough Baguette

Usually using sourdough as a levant for the bread bring a sour taste to the bread. This time we could barely see the difference in taste. Baguettes were great, in particular with the grains, but the sourdough flavor was extremely light.


Flavorful, light, crusty outside, soft inside, colorful, delicious, that’s a baguette! 600g flour 400g water 12g salt 1/4tsp yeast Mix the flour with the yeast in a large bowl. Warm up the water to a temperature between room temperature and body temperature. Add the water to flour and mix with a large spoon. Mix the… Continue reading Baguette