Wild Wild Bread

If you haven’t tried growing your own wild yeast from scratch and using it to make bread, go for it! It is a fantastic journey. In theory it takes 4 days but in practice you may get there not as quickly. Below is a picture of my wild yeast at three different stages. For the… Continue reading Wild Wild Bread

Surface Tension on 3kg Sourdough Bread

Surface tension is very important.   I should always keep in mind when I shape the bread. I decided to explore this one more time and observe the benefits of creating strong surface tensions in order to improve how the loaf of bread rises during proofing and to improve how the bread opens up while baking.… Continue reading Surface Tension on 3kg Sourdough Bread

Elsa in Sourdough Bread

This weekend, fun project with my 4-years old daughter. We made our first Elsa sourdough bread. The night before I prepared 10 pounds of sourdough bread, following a sourdough bread recipe already posted. My daughter helped me transfer this gigantic dough from the container to the counter, knead, shape the Elsa braid hairstyle, et voilà!… Continue reading Elsa in Sourdough Bread

Sourdough rye bread

I followed the same steps as for the previous sourdough bread I made. The only difference is replacing one of the three 300g of bread flour with 300g of rye flour. The dough is more dense and more sticky. The flavors of the rye flour are very strong, very sweet and it is kind of… Continue reading Sourdough rye bread

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread. 4-5 days of cultivation for the barm. The barm reflects the environment it is growing in with flavors and strength. It will grow well at room temperature if this temperature is comfortable for you to live in. At its full strength, the barm doubles in size in half a dozen hours; you know… Continue reading Sourdough Bread