Caramel Custard – Crème Caramel

Where I grew up, there is access to many many yogurts of all kind. Most of them come  from industrial brands and they are very creative to come up with new products, packaging fancy deserts, for a day to day consumption. I’d rather not giving up enjoying these delicious yogurts, custards or deserts every day.… Continue reading Caramel Custard – Crème Caramel

Caramel Custard – Crème caramel

For the custard: 750g of whole milk 4 eggs + 2 yolks 75g of sugar vanilla extract For the caramel: 150g sugar 50g water Bring to a boil the milk with vanilla extract. Meanwhile mix the eggs+yolks with sugar using a mixer until it is creamy. Add the two together. To prepare the caramel, mix… Continue reading Caramel Custard – Crème caramel