Baguettes with very slow fermentation

I knead a batch of bread and let it rise over night. Unfortunately, when I woke up at 6 to prepare my baguettes, the dough had almost not risen! I always assumed that it was important that the dough double in volume before shaping the baguettes… I was wrong, and it defies all the bread recipes you may find. Nevertheless, I had to make up for something. Once I cut the dough into 3 equal 333g of dough, I put it in the  oven, preheated at the minimum temperature, turned off the oven and the dough rise there for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes they looked like they should if the dough had risen correctly in the first place.

The conclusion from this experiment is that it is most important that the dough is active before shaping the baguettes, but it is not necessary to have the double volume so often requested in recipes. The double size is just a good indicator that your dough is ready, but the dough might be ready before that, it is not observable yet.



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