Elsa in Sourdough Bread

This weekend, fun project with my 4-years old daughter. We made our first Elsa sourdough bread. The night before I prepared 10 pounds of sourdough bread, following a sourdough bread recipe already posted. My daughter helped me transfer this gigantic dough from the container to the counter, knead, shape the Elsa braid hairstyle, et voilà!… Continue reading Elsa in Sourdough Bread

Happy New Year!

I tried a variation on the rum raisin brioche recipe I published previously. I changed the egg/milk  ratio to have more egg and less milk; shying away from pain au lait and leaning towards real brioche. Notice the amount of liquid (milk or egg) is the same. Next time, I’ll try to go even more… Continue reading Happy New Year!

… And Multigrain Bread for All

The secret to making good bread is practice, practice and practice again. This being said, a simple trick to improve the taste of your bread no matter how much practice you have, is to make the bread multigrain. It’s going to make the bread so much flavorful. Here is a simple multigrain bread recipe that… Continue reading … And Multigrain Bread for All

Whole Wheat Baguette

It is possible now to buy freshly ground and milled flour. The flour is produced less than a week before you receive it. We decided to try this extremely fresh whole wheat flour from http://carolinaground.com. There is no comparison between this flour and regular whole wheat flour available in supermarkets. The flour from Carolinaground is… Continue reading Whole Wheat Baguette

Burger Buns

For 10 buns: 600g flour 25g sugar 133g water 266 milk (Whole) 12g salt 1/2 pack of yeast (~4g) In a large bowl mix the flour, sugar and yeast. Add the milk and eater. Start kneading. Add the salt when the dough is becoming homogeneous. Rise overnight until the dough double in volume. Cut the… Continue reading Burger Buns